Seneca Economics and Environment, LLC

Seneca Economics and Environment, LLC   ("Seneca") offers corporations and municipalities involved in environmental civil penalty disputes a broad range of services that can help them to understand better the complexities of the situations they face and to prepare an appropriate defense, one consistent with the facts and grounded in sound analytical principles.

Robert H. Fuhrman, the Principal and CEO of Seneca, has over 30 years of experience performing economic benefit, ability to pay, and related types of analyses utilized in environmental enforcement cases. In addition to serving for seven years as an economist at the U.S. Environment Protection Agency, he has worked as a consulting or testifying expert in over 250 civil penalty cases while employed in the private sector.  He is well known to many attorneys who represent clients in penalty cases for his application of the tools of economics and finance in this context.

Seneca focuses almost solely on environmental enforcement disputes.  It believes its experience in consulting to defendants in these matters exceeds that of any comparable firm. Click here for a link to Mr. Fuhrman's article, "Practice Advice for Negotiating Settlements of Environmental Civil Penalty Cases."

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An environmental citizens' group sued a large mining company for alleged Clean Water Act violations.  In this case, the plaintiff's economic expert concluded that the company gained an economic benefit ranging from $60.6 million to $81.6 million...   read more

As a result of Mr. Fuhrman's trial testimony in U.S. v. The New Portland Meadows, in 2003 the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon accepted Mr. Fuhrman's financial methodology for calculating the economic benefit of noncompliance and rejected the federal government's standard approach, which is incorporated in its "BEN" model...   read more