Seneca Economics and Environment, LLC
Litigation Services
Seneca Economics and Environment, LLC has developed a high level of expertise in the complex field of litigation focused on environmental enforcement issues. Our team can marshal resources to assist counsel either in settlement or at trial.

Through our combined understanding of economics, finance, and engineering, we have developed strong capabilities to:
  • Challenge methodological errors in the economic benefit analysis and other related analyses prepared by expert witnesses or staff members working on behalf of a regulatory agency or an environmental citizen group.
  • Analyze and respond to “gravity calculations” put forward by plaintiffs to assign monetary penalties to non-economic aspects of a case, such as the seriousness of the violations.
  • Calculate the targeted entity’s ability to pay civil penalties.
  • Determine the value of “supplemental environmental projects,” i.e., mitigation projects that governmental agencies frequently accept as a basis for reducing the gravity component (but not the economic benefit component) of civil penalties.
With our appropriate academic training and decades of experience, we work closely with clients and counsel to provide rigorous analyses.  Our effective communications have led to major reductions in penalty demands and expedited resolutions of environmental disputes.  Our help has assisted many clients in resolving issues with regulatory agencies and citizen groups on terms that both sides have found acceptable, thereby avoiding the costs and uncertainties of protracted litigation.

Our services include:
  • Management consulting.
  • Document review.
  • Perfoming analysis.
  • Assisting directly or indirectly in settlement negotiations.