Seneca Economics and Environment, LLC
Recent Testimony
As part of Mr. Fuhrman’s experience related to environmental civil penalty cases, he provided deposition testimony thirty-three times; and testified nine times in courtroom settings (i.e., five times in federal district courts, once in U.S. Bankruptcy court, once in a state court, and twice in U.S. EPA administrative law hearings).
During the period from January 2008 through December 2016, he provided deposition testimony fourteen times and testified once in court.  The plaintiffs in these cases included federal and state governments, environmental advocacy groups, and private corporations.  In the other six, they were citizen groups.  The defendants included:
  • County governments;
  • Manufacturing corporations;
  • A company that operates a chain of full service “truck stops” in many parts of the United States;
  • A company owning and operating a very large petroleum refinery;
  • A railroad;
  • An electric utility;
  • A privately-owned municipal steam generation company;
  • Mining companies;
  • An agribusiness;
  • An ocean port facility; and
  • A provider of specialty industrial services, included testing of industrial processes, and leak detection and repair.
The relevant facilities are located in California (2), Colorado, Hawaii, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington (2), and West Virginia (2). In these cases, individual plaintiffs alleged specific violations of the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and state regulations concerning underground storage tanks.